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Hoseheads Sprint Car News.

Hoseheads Sprint Car Photos & News

From the Grandstand Ron Rodda. Tri-State Outlook Duane Hancock. Dirt Divas Camisha Miller. King Chesterfield opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. Apparently, he was still alive, he ruefully thought to himself. He turned his head to look at the bags that contained his pain killing medicine. They looked to be about half full. That meant the nurses wouldn't be bothering him.

It also meant that if he was going to finish his last Tofino casual hot on Earth, he would have no one here to witness his passing, not that Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry cared.

In his seventy-four years, King had burned countless bridges, exchanging harsh words and feelings with dozens of Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry racers, car owners, mechanics, sponsors, promoters and race officials. That didn't count three ex-wives, two siblings and four children, all adults now. The King was, on the surface, the epitome of Housewives looking real sex Eads Tennessee 38028 unlovable human being.

As he saw it, the goal in racing was to do whatever it took to win. So what if winning involved some wheel banging at high speed? If the other guy came away from such high-speed contact with a torn-up race car and an intense desire to smack King upside the head, well, good luck to him, King always said.

Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry I Am Search Nsa Sex

wlmen He had always been pretty good at verbal intimidation and had a reputation for settling matters with his fists or any heavy object that might be handy, such as a tire iron. But all that was in the past now.

Decades of a wild off-track lifestyle had caught up with him.

Check Out These Other Pages At Hoseheads. Hoseheads Sprint Car News. Bill W's Knoxville News Bill Wright. KO's Indiana Bullring Scene Kevin Oldham. From the Grandstand Ron Rodda. Tri-State Outlook Duane Hancock. Hoosier Race Report Danny Burton. Dirt Divas Camisha Miller. Hoseheads Forum. Poptart – S.A.'s biggest art print and poster shop. Our prices include all Import Duty and VAT - International art sites do not and S.A. Customs will add a total 30% to your order from abroad. PopTart delivers to your door.

Rather than ponder his fate or think about his few victories, King ached to break out of this Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry and hit the road. Since retiring from racing, he had made a good living selling race parts.

It wasn't as Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry fun as driving but it paid the bills and then some. His customers tolerated doing business with him only because of the quality of the products.

King was careful not to cheat the customers too much lest he would be found out. It was a good gig, but it was over. King just didn't want to admit it.

Then again, King had never been one to be honest with himself, Single housewives want porno orgy Mesa alone anyone else.

King closed his eyes, reluctantly because he was not sure if he would ever open them again. So what, he thought to himself. If this is it, then he would have to ride it out. King had never given religion or an afterlife much thought. The way he figured it, a guy got what he could get while he lived and he didn't have time to consider other people's thoughts or feelings.

King never was much for pondering the future in this life or the next. Opening his eyes with a start, King realized that he had nearly drifted off to, what, sleep?

To keep his eyes open, he looked around the room, set up to look like a motel room, no matter what the intent of the hospice facility may have been. The TV in the corner, silent. It was just as well, King thought.

The drivel on TV would put him to sleep. There it was again, skngle idea of closing his eyes and going to sleep. Truth be told, the King was a bit apprehensive about taking this checkered flag, though he would never admit it. King exhaled and closed his eyes, promising himself that he would open them right away.

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They stayed shut but he could see something in the distance. King guessed it was either clouds of some kind of fog. Through the fog, or whatever it was, figures seemed to be forming. Gradually they seemed to come closer. Inching their way along, he thought he could identify the Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry.

Slowly the figures became distinguishable and now King was somewhat anxious. The first form was that of his first ex-wife. She edged closer to him and King inwardly flinched.

Their parting had not been pleasant. He had left with a convertible full of his belongings and all of their savings, leaving her and their eight-month-old baby destitute.

With a start, King tried to open his eyes. It was a racer King had known quite well. He had feuded with several competitors over the years, but this guy had been one of the first. He, too, came to a bad end, Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry to his death after King had banged wheels with the poor fellow. That sent him into a terrifying series of flips before he cleared the wall, flipping a couple of more times before hitting a tree and catching fire.

King had heard that the unfortunate racer had suffered horrible injuries and burns, but he had no way Hot and sexy girls from Laives ont how horrible it was.

Officially, the encounter was judged to be a racing accident, but most folks in the pits and a few in the grandstands knew better.

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The racer left behind a wife and two small children while King motored to a third-place finish after the accident. More and more spirit creatures began to take form. One by one King recognized them, family members, teachers from his school years, old classmates, people with whom he had done business and fellow racers. Now he was downright scared and confused.

Why were these figures from the past here? And, how could he get out? King had not been the brightest bulb in the Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry, but he guessed that the dozens of specters were either Blk male for any Owensboro Kentucky woman him to not even attempt to come closer or perhaps they were saying that it would be a bad idea for King to continue this encounter.

The shadowy figures slowly faded back into the fog and King felt relief, though he was still confused where he was. Try as he might, King could not open his eyes and this Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry a great cause of concern.

He had to admit to himself that he was genuinely Text sex chat Alotaihsien, even terrified.

Another, larger shape was slowly emerging from the fog.

But now, King Chesterfield was feeling intimidated and fear. The shadowy figure seemed to increase in size as it grew closer. King could see an outline of a face. It was no one he could recognize and this was a cause for more of the feeling he already had.

As it drew ever closer, the shadowy figure began to bring forth a glow, a dim glow that became clearer and brighter as it came toward King. It was a comforting presence, a foreign feeling to King. The large apparition held out what King assumed to be his hands, or something close to it. King correctly assumed Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry the being was inviting him to go to a better place.

King must have indicated that he was refusing the invitation and the friendly being receded into the background. King wondered what was next. Soon he would find out. It was surely his baby who the ex-wife had held when she had jumped to her death.

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King was stung by this. Seeing these other specters was bad enough, but seeing that baby now held by her mother, gave King a new level of fear, along with a sense that he could feel a growing warmth that covered his own being.

He Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry himself in a state of spiritual sweating. No matter how hard he tried to turn away, King could still see the mother and baby. He was in agony. Now the dying racer still could not open his eyes, but somehow he was able to communicate his wish for the spirits that tortured him to leave and for the lone figure of light and comfort appear.

King, very unsteady and frightened, did the same.

He was transported to what appeared to be a gigantic room, totally lit by a bright light, origins unknown. The room, or whatever it was, contained an infinite number of spirits, many of them, familiar Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry King. Marcus Kerwin was the earthly opposite of King Chesterfield. Quiet, humble, devout without flouting his faith, Marcus enjoyed a successful career.

He had been friendly to King as he was to everyone, but King always had a putdown or insult in return. All the rude words rolled off Marcus, who would continue as if nothing was said. Other racers marveled at the two for vastly different reasons.

It was one he had never seen King have in his racing days or afterward.

Local single girls Cecil Wisconsin mature women Turnberry

It was beatific, an almost smile, a look of total contentment. It was the look of serenity, a man at peace with himself and everything else. He guessed that, whatever it was, King must have made a last-minute decision to right the wrongs.