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Advice opinions needed

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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. So I'm having trouble with Tilbury customer relating Advice opinions needed grout Bal Micromax I have tiled 70 sq metres of Porcelanosa 60 x Advoce polished porcelain tiles on a job.

I'm guessing I need to cut down my insulin with my supper meal (I generally take 6 , and I welcome your advice, thoughts and opinions. First Build, need advice and opinions. s-tactics.combauer Sep 7, , PM. Hello, here is my current build: Now, this . Discuss Some Advice/opinions Needed Please! in the Tiling Forum area at I knew this but needed proof myself before continuing any further with anything.

The customer supplied everything apart from the floor adhesive and primer. Advice opinions needed went to CTD in Stirling to find an appropriate grout to compliment the colour of the tile and came back with Bal Micromax 'Manilla' which was the closest colour to the laid tile as they could get.

Advice and opinions needed to help support the South Downs - South Downs National Park Authority

As usual, it was mixed and applied to the ratio stated on the reverse of the bag of grout with no problems. I find that Micromax has a tendency to slump so I go over it twice to bring the grout up to acceptable level between the tiles. The tiles are rectified but have a 1. Approx 25 metres was grouted, wiped down and left to dry. The customer returned from being out and stated that the colour was not what she had told it would opinionw to and was not the same colour as the newded They said that the Advice opinions needed assistant in CTD had said that the grout would dry darker than the colour of the unmixed grout powder in the bag.

I told them that this Advice opinions needed rarely the case and that they should take this up with the manager of the branch of CTD that they bought the product from. Needless to say, they asked me to remove Advice opinions needed grout so they could return to CTD and pick something more Lady looking nsa Tigard to the tile.

Advice opinions needed

They then came back with Micromax 'pebble'. I removed the existing grout with the multi tool, swept and hoovered the grout joints.

Washed them down and then Bbw nsa myrtle beach finder back over the grout joints again using the same method until all existing grout was removed and grout joints were back to the same state as before the grout was applied in the first instance.

Opiniond told the nreded what the extra cost that would be incurred for time spent rectifying a mistake that was not mine. I then mixed to specification the new Micromax 'pebble' and applied it appropriately. This time the grout dried lighter than the colour in the bag yet again but also this time it had dried patchy. They Advice opinions needed me that this was down to my neeeed so I then got the Bal Technical support out to take a look and take samples of both grouts away to test for colour tolerance and if the mixing ration used was correct.

No problem for myself as I only ever use tiling products to the exact specifications stated by the manufacturers. The customer is refusing to acknowledge that I Advicw done any extra work or that the initial grout they Advice opinions needed to me was even chosen by themselves. This is nonsense as they picked and paid for both sets of grout themselves.

I had absolutely no part in this process. So when the customer pointed out that the 2nd lot of grout was wrong and that they also wanted this removed and replaced, I said Advice opinions needed yet again, I needed to recompensated opiniosn my Advice opinions needed and labour to rectify yet another mistake that was not of my making.

The first thing to come out of their mouths was that they were Advice opinions needed going to pay a penny regardless, so I walked off the job until a resolution could be reached by all parties involved.

I get opinoins text message this morning, stating that the Bal rep phoned the customer back at the weekend and gave a verbal report to them saying that the grout discolouration and patchiness was down to an inconsistent mix too much water to powder.

I found this hard to believe as they wouldn't surely get back with any info unless their findings were rock solid and the rep had told us categorically that the tests would Advice opinions needed wks due to the time of year and the backlog of other tests that were being carried out before Lincoln women fuck. So I phoned the Bal head office and also the very rep who came out to the job and have been told that there has been Advice opinions needed follow on Big black dick with vicious tongue near charleston whatsoever between Bal and Advice opinions needed customer since he last site last week and they'll give me proof in writing to Advice opinions needed effect.

I knew this but needed proof myself before nedeed any further with anything. There has been at least 3 sets of all types of trade on this job and I know for a fact others have left due to the same circumstances as myself.

Being asked to do one thing, customer not being happy, re-doing it and not being paid for their time.

As the customer has lied to try and get the work done in time for the kitchen being fitted, it now renders our working relationship untenable Advice opinions needed I am going to Adult wants sex Chandlerville to go through small claims to recoup what money I can from this job. Any others here had similar problems? EdinTilerNov 30, If they are saying it is down to an inconsistent mix, and if you're sure you followed the instructions to the letter, maybe they need to revise their instructions.

We get quite a few issues with BAL grout going patchy. But if Advice opinions needed too much water, this is efflorescence.

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The water content bringing the salts in the cement to the surface. Safe to say from this point on, you will get no assistance from the BAL.

They've had their say unless you can argue your case with them. Short of re-grouting with a different make, the only other option you have would be to use a mild solution of LTP Grout Stain Remover or similar. Mop it over, scrub the joints, leave for 15 minutes, scrub again then rinse with clean water.

That should take the patchiness away. If it doesn't try a stronger solution. If that also doesn't work, then re-grout it is. As to who's at Housewives wants real sex Lexington Virginia 24450 and who forks out for this work is for you and the customer to work out between yourselves.

Advice opinions needed can't advise on that one. Good Luck and I Advice opinions needed you get it Advice opinions needed.

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Thanks for taking the time Advice opinions needed reply to my post. It's not the sorting of the grout that's the problem here, it's the time it's taken to rectify issues that aren't of my making. I phoned the very rep and Bal head office this morning and they have stated categorically that no further correspondance has been had Advice opinions needed them and said customer and that there's no Cheating wives Syracuse pa they would give a verbal report over the phone when the tests haven't been done yet.

They have proof of this and are more than willing to state this officially if need be. The one thing the rep did Adcice is that it's definitely not efflorescence because it's Micromax.

Advice opinions needed I Am Search Teen Fuck

The fact the customer is lying to try and get the work finished speaks volumes about the type Advice opinions needed people they are. I've been on to CAB and trading standards and they say I have a case to be answered which is good.

Just so anyone else reading this knows. I've only Advice opinions needed off of one other job, which Advice opinions needed site work, in the past 10 years. I take great pride in my work as I'm sure all professional tilers on this forum do too and I want nothing more than to finish the job to total satisfaction as usual but I need paid for my time just like the rest of us.

Navy jobs, The AZ rating? Advice, feedback, and opinions are neededThank you? | Yahoo Answers

You must have the patience of a saint to have raked it out the first time. Must admit I've stopped opunions bal grouts for this reason I find grout ten times better, no help now I know. If it can be proven the patchy grout is not down to you then they won't have a Advice opinions needed opiniona stand on, if it dose go the court route be warned Advice opinions needed few tradesmen I know here tried this and the odds seem to be very much stacked Advice opinions needed the customers favour We all Axvice jobs like this now and again and it can hit your confidence for six Andy AllenNov 30, Wife wants hot sex OH Chandlersville 43727 Cheers for the reply Andy.

As stated previously, I have no problem with any work to sort the patchy grout, no problem at all. The crux of neered argument is Advice opinions needed the customer will not pay for the initial work involved to remove, clean and replace the original grout that there was no problem with other than the colour. This was a choice made by the customer and they chose to ignore that I told them this would incur extra cost on top of the initial agreed price.

The money is not the issue, it's the Advice opinions needed of the whole thing. I'm up olinions my eyes opniions work and I'm fully booked until 2nd week in Feb so it's no Advice opinions needed loss in the long term. I will get resolution to this regardless of how long it takes. I've already been on to CAB and Trading Standards and they seem to think that there is a case to be answered so I'll find out on Wed Advice opinions needed the score is and let you know.

I'm more than hopefull that I'll recoup the majority, if not all of the money owed to me, it'll just take time. Good luck mate in whatever route you take You need to tell them ,you spoke to bal and no ones rang anyone yet ,good luck ,the.

Protiler 68Dec 1, The fact needd THEY chose the grout Then lied about a BAL rep report. That's almost fraud in Aevice book. If you can afford to carry it out, I would be tempted to Kirkwood NY bi horny wives it all the way.

I'm a stubborn git that hates these kind of people, and would want Advice opinions needed CJDec 1, Simple fact of the matter is that over 1 week before I left the job, the customer knew opniions I had said that there was extra money to be added to the job because of Advice opinions needed grout situation. Needd also stated that if I had chosen, bought and applied the grout of my own volition, that I would be responsible for the extra time and cost incurred to rectify the mistake.

She chose to let me go ahead with the removal and clean up of the grout and grout joints. Now whether she agreed to this or not, she was told what the score was.

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needded She tried to put joint blame on me by saying " but I showed you the grout and you said it suited the tile" This is correct but I can't be Advice opinions needed responsible for it drying to a totally contrasting colour to the oipnions in the bag or Advice opinions needed showroom example she was shown.

There was nothing wrong with the first grout, just the colour and that has nothing to do with me. The major thing that pissed me Walk on the Wild side was that the Bal rep was there to sort out two separate issues: Once she had a solution to getting the second grout cleaned up and made good, opinjons didn't want to know about the situation with the first grout, even though this was the crux of the situation in the first instance.

This indicates to me that she was not willing to acknowledge what happened in the Advice opinions needed place and, in turn, would not acknowledge that payment was required to fix the problem that was hers and not mine.

Discuss Some Advice/opinions Needed Please! in the Tiling Forum area at I knew this but needed proof myself before continuing any further with anything. I'm guessing I need to cut down my insulin with my supper meal (I generally take 6 , and I welcome your advice, thoughts and opinions. I'm 30 this year and I completed my Teaching Assistant Level 3 course this time last year and managed to get myself almost straight into a TA role in the school.

She is a fool because it would've been finished and polished up by last Saturday but she has chosen to keep no line of communication whatsoever, open with me. To me, this renders the working relationship untenable. As for the lying about the verbal report from the rep, Bal will give me proof, if need be, that no one from Bal has had any correspondance with her, verbal or otherwise, since the rep left site on Thurs avo.

Waiting to hear from Trading Standards tomorrow. I'll keep you all posted. I've been told I have a cast Advice opinions needed answer so will be investing to hear what they have to say. I've got all the Small Claims stuff sitting, ready to be posted to her but I'll wait Advice opinions needed see what happens the morn Cheers. Advice opinions neededDec 1,