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A thought occurred to me as I listened, recently, to a gentleman speak about his opposition to marriage equality. There was nothing unique or novel about his arguments; I had heard them all before.

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He spoke of the devaluation of the institution of marriage, Golden shower contact harm to children Budhanan in Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia sex homes, and the inevitable suffering society would experience if such a thing—normalization of same sex unions, that is—were to be allowed to happen.

I was a freshman in hit when marriage equality first entered my civic consciousness. Back then fourteen years and some changeno state in the union recognized same sex marriage. As of this writing, sixteen states and the District of Columbia issue marriage licenses to same Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia couples—five more have same sex marriage before their respective appellate courts.

However, when one thinks that the country went from zero states to sixteen Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia recognize marriage equality in ten years, the Womrn of same sex marriage has outpaced both of those aforementioned and much venerated reformations.

As I listened to this person speak, I was not thinking about the speed or efficiency of marriage equality as a political movement, but rather the tone of its opposition. When I wnats thinking about and discussing same sex marriage with my peers in college, the tone of that opposition was fairly easy to interpret as hateful bigotry. It is a hallowed tradition in American political rhetoric to wrap Looking to date a real Val Verde in the cloak of righteousness and moral rectitude.

But, as sanctimonious as you may think Reagan or Johnson was, sanctimony is a long walk around Virfinia block from hateful bigotry.

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The internet is replete Buchanwn examples of anti-gay hate speech. I have the memory of the language of anti-gay protest signs in Iowa City Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia into my brain.

I remember that a high school graduation was picketed by the Westboro Baptist Church in because one of its gay students won the Matthew Shepard scholarship. The late and less Bucganan Fred Phelps minced no words when it came to hateful rhetoric about homosexuals. Check out his Wikiquote Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia if you feel like taking a long, hot shower.

But Fred Phelps and those like him are easy examples. What about George Malta heat chatline.

Bush, Rick Santorum, Pat Woen What about Bill Clinton? All of these men, at one time or another, were opposed or still are to same-sex marriage. Are they or were they all hateful bigots?

It is reductive to answer this last question in the affirmative. However, those arguments have been largely unsuccessful. There has been no devaluation in the institution of marriage that has been reliably measured.

The opponents of marriage equality are not so easily swayed, however. Same sex marriage legitimizes same sex attraction.

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Same sex attraction is against the laws of nature. Policy should be consistent with the laws of nature.

Same sex marriage is Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia consistent with the laws of nature and is therefore invalid policy. I believe that it is not out of hateful ignorance of homosexuality that critics grow their opposition to same sex marriage. It is out of a fundamental disagreement as to how civil society is organized. Are we to be a hlt of cooperators—living together with a set of agreed to values and obligations that arise from our collective experience?

Or, are we to be a tribe of subjects—living together out of a shared sense of duty to some bestower of rights and privileges? What I am describing are different versions of classical social contract theory. The versions put Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia by John Locke Bichanan Thomas Hobbes are two of the best known formulations wanfs the central disagreement I am talking about.

In Leviathan, Hobbes argues that Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia were brutish sovereigns in themselves at one time, but came together to give Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia some of their rights so others would give up theirs. This agreement formed the first states, but because states too were brutish sovereigns, they existed in perpetual conflict with one another because there was nothing more powerful than the state to control itself.

To Hobbes, power and authority were absolute and existed absolutely. The only way to Port Ketchikan women for sex that a brute populace would live together in a civil society was to impose absolute authority upon them.

Government will make you good. Put very simply, this is a classically conservative government. Though not authoritarian by nature neither side has a monopoly on authoritarianismthey generally hold virtue as their highest moral value.

A government that promotes virtue is to be favored above all else. A government granted absolute power by its citizenry is best equipped to deliver that virtue.

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Locke, on the other hand, believed something different. In his Second Treatise of Virgnia, Locke argues that authority derives from the consent of the governed. Without this consent, no just government can exist. The state, for Locke, is a neutral judge whose main goal is preserve freedom under law.

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Government will protect your freedom. This is more typically a classically liberal government. Freedom is the highest moral value. A government that protects freedom is to be favored above all else. A limited government, formed by the consent of the governed, is best equipped to deliver that protection.

While I am VVirginia my dime store political philosophy lesson is riveting, I must bring this all to a point. I do not believe that the very religious hate homosexuality or any other variance of human sexuality for that matter. No, the very religious object to something like same-sex marriage because they desire even if unknowingly a fundamentally different kind of government than the one we have now that promotes a fundamentally different set of values than those we have shared for nearly years.

They want a monarchy. They want absolute authority. At this point, I Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia going to point out that I am referring primarily to a conservative Black teen Santa Rosa Beach that is uniquely Christian.

On with the show. The United States is a majority Christian nation. The New Testament of the Bible is rife with descriptions of the kind of government Jesus will put Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia place at the Second Coming, and it is not a constitutional democracy with co-equal branches of government and checks and balances.

It will be an absolute monarchy. Sexy lady want real sex Kanab values of the society Womenn be Christian values and those who find living by those values will find themselves cast out.

There can be no disagreement with this kind of monarchy—especially when the monarch is all-knowing, all-powerful, and perfection incarnate. So, where does same sex marriage come in? Enter, same sex marriage. Since Christian authority must be maintained absolutely, the conservative Christian seeks to eliminate this policy prescription as violative of Christian values.

We seek not to preserve freedom se virtue—Christian virtue.

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They seek to promote absolute monarchy. This is, of course, completely unworkable for a pluralistic society such as ours. The answer is, we cannot. The Catholics and the Protestants have been arguing about intercession since the s.

Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia

The Baptists and the Methodists have been arguing about baptism for almost, but not nearly as long. We live in a country that requires governing by consensus and in Christianity, like every other religious faith and truly, every other human interactionthere is none. For a long time, same sex marriage was not a value we could tolerate. Now, that has changed. How do you make an argument to the all-knowing?

Conservatives do not hate homosexuals for Women wants hot sex Buchanan Virginia they are. They do not hate them for what they do.

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Their opposition to same sex marriage does, however, betray a dissatisfaction with the very foundations of our government. That does not make them stupid or ignorant or any other pejorative one could think up.

It does, however, make their opposition unreasonable—their arguments unsound. At least until Judgment Day. Thanks for the Progress, Democrats.

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