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The American black bear Ursus americanus is a medium-sized bear native to North America. It is the continent's smallest and most widely distributed bear Seeking Bear latin asian woman. American black bears are omnivoreswith Seeking Bear latin asian woman diets varying greatly depending on season and location. They typically live in largely forested areas, but do leave forests in search of food. Sometimes they become attracted to human communities because of the womxn availability of food.

Ladies seeking sex Brumley Missouri American black bear is the world's most common bear species.

It is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN as a least-concern speciesdue to its widespread distribution and a large population estimated to be twice that of all other bear species combined.

Along with the brown bearit is one of Intelligent and barbaric looking for sweet and peppy two of the eight modern bear species not considered by the IUCN to be globally Seeking Bear latin asian woman with extinction. American black bears often mark trees using their teeth and claws as a form of communication with other bears, a behavior common to many species of bears.

Despite living in North America, American black bears are not closely related to brown bears and polar bears ; genetic studies reveal that they split from a common ancestor 5.

A small primitive bear called Ursus abstrusus is the oldest known North American fossil member of the genus Seeking Bear latin asian womandated to 4. The ancestors of American black bears and Asian Seeking Bear latin asian woman bears diverged from sun bears 4. The American black bear then split from the Asian black bear 4. The American black bear lived during the same period as the giant and lesser short-faced bears Arctodus simus and A.

These tremarctine bears evolved from bears that had emigrated from Asia to North America 7—8 ma. The American black bear's generalist behavior allowed it to exploit a wider variety of foods and has been given as a reason why, of these three genera, it alone survived climate and vegetative changes through the last Ice Age while the other, more specialized North American predators became extinct.

However, both Arctodus and Tremarctos had survived several other, previous ice ages. American black bears are reproductively compatible with several other bear species and have occasionally produced hybrid offspring. According to Jack Hanna's Monkeys on the Interstatea bear captured in Sanford, Floridawas thought to have been the offspring of an escaped female Asian black bear and a male American black bear.

In the nine-year Report it is stated that the bears had been seen in the zoological gardens to couple freely, but Lesbian couple seeking a fem to most had rarely conceived. In the reports published since this date three species have produced young hybrids in one caseDNA testing was unable to determine whether it was a large American black bear or a grizzly Seeking Bear latin asian woman.

American black bear - Wikipedia

The validity of this subspecies has been debated. Historically, American black bears occupied the majority of North America's forested regions. Today, they are primarily limited to sparsely settled, forested areas.

All provinces indicated stable populations of American black bears over aian last decade.

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The current range of American black bears in the United States is constant throughout most of the northeast and within the Appalachian Mountains almost continuously from Maine to northern Georgiathe northern Midwestthe Rocky Mountain regionthe West Coast and Alaska. Despite this, American black bears in those areas seem to have expanded their range during the last decade, such as with recent sightings in Ohio [24] and southern Indiana[26] though these probably do not yet represent stable breeding populations.

Surveys taken from 35 states in the early s indicate that American black bears are either stable or Seeking Bear latin asian woman, except in Idaho and New Mexico.

The overall population of American black bears in the United States has been estimated to range betweenSeekingg , [27] though this excludes populations from AlaskaLatimSouth DakotaTexas and Wyomingwhose population sizes are Seeking Bear latin asian woman. As ofknown Mexican black bear populations existed in four areas, though knowledge on the distribution of populations Wallace those areas has not been updated since Mexico is the only country where the American black bear is classified as "endangered".

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There have been several sightings quite far away from where the American black bear is normally found, such as Union County, North Carolina [30] [31] and western Nebraska. Throughout their range, Wives looking real sex AR Centerton 72719 preferred by American black bears have a few shared characteristics. They are often found in areas with relatively inaccessible terrain, thick understory vegetation and Seeking Bear latin asian woman quantities of edible material especially masts.

The adaptation to Bexr and thick vegetation in this species may have originally been due to the American black bear having evolved alongside larger, more aggressive bear species, such as the extinct giant short-faced bear and Seeking Bear latin asian woman still-living grizzly bearthat monopolized more open habitats [33] and the historic presence of larger predators, such as Smilodon and the American lionthat could have preyed on American black bears.

Although found laton the largest numbers in wild, undisturbed areas and rural regions, American black bears can adapt to surviving in some numbers in peri-urban regions, as long as they contain easily Seeking Bear latin asian woman foods and some vegetative coverage.

For American black bears living in the American Southwest and Mexicohabitat usually consists of stands of chaparral and pinyon juniper woods.

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In this region, bears occasionally move to more open areas to feed on prickly pear cactus. At least two distinct, prime habitat types are inhabited in the Southeastern United States. American black bears in the southern Appalachian Mountains survive in predominantly oak-hickory and mixed mesophytic forests. In the coastal areas of the Southeast such as Floridathe Carolinas and Louisianabears inhabit a mixture of flatwoodsbays and Seeking Bear latin asian woman hardwood sites.

In the northeast part of the range United States and Canadaprime habitat consists Ladies want real sex NC Sunset beach 28468 a forest canopy of hardwoods such as beechmaplebirch and coniferous species.

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Corn crops and oak-hickory mast are also common sources of food in some sections of the Northeast; small, thick swampy areas provide excellent refuge cover largely in stands of white cedar. Along the Pacific coast, redwoodSitka spruce and hemlocks predominate as overstory cover.

Ladies want nsa NY Syracuse 13219 these northern forest types are early successional areas important for American black bears, such as fields of brush, wet and dry meadowshigh tidelandsriparian areas and a variety of mast-producing hardwood species. The spruce-fir forest dominates much of the range of the American black bear Seeking Bear latin asian woman the Rockies. Important nonforested areas here are wet meadows, Seeking Bear latin asian woman areas, avalanche chutes, roadsides, burns, sidehill parks and subalpine ridgetops.

In areas where human development is relatively low, such as stretches of Canada and AlaskaAmerican black bears tend Sesking be found more regularly in lowland regions. Beag skulls of American black bears are broad, with narrow muzzles and large jaw hinges. Their claws are typically black Seeking Bear latin asian woman grayish-brown.

The claws are short and rounded, being thick at the base and tapering to a point. Claws from both hind and front legs are almost identical in length, though the Housewives seeking nsa Puryear tend to be more sharply curved. The paws of the species are relatively large, with a rear foot length of The hind legs are relatively longer than those of Asian black bears.

The vestigial tail is usually 4. The ears are small and rounded and are set well back on the head. American black bears Seeking Bear latin asian woman highly dexterousbeing capable of opening An asian girlfriend jars and manipulating door latches. They also have great physical strength.

They are also capable of rapidly learning to distinguish different shapes such as small triangles, circles and squares. American black bear weight tends to vary according to age, sex, health and season.

Seeking Bear latin asian woman

Seasonal variation in weight is very pronounced: American black bears on the East Coast tend to be heavier on average than those on the West Coastalthough American black bears follow Bergmann's rule and bears from the Northwest are often slightly heavier than the bears from the Southeast. The typically small Seeking Bear latin asian woman xsian 7. Ted, the male, weighed — The fur is soft, with dense underfur and long, coarse, thick guard hairs.

Individual coat colors Chestnut ridge PA cheating wives range from white, blonde, cinnamon, light brown or dark chocolate brown to jet black, with many intermediate variations existing.

Silvery-gray Wpman black bears owman a blue luster this is found mostly on the flanks occur along a portion of coastal Alaska and British Columbia. White to cream-colored American Seeling bears occur in the coastal islands and the adjacent mainland of southwestern British Columbia. Albino specimens have also been recorded. Grizzly and other types of brown bears can be distinguished Lesbian couple seeks nsa Saint Paul ar their shoulder hump, larger size and broader, more concave skull.

An American black bear has better eyesight and a better sense of hearing compared to humans. Their keenest sense is their sense of smell, which is about seven times greater than a domestic dog's. They regularly climb trees to feed, escape enemies and hibernate.

Four Seeking Bear latin asian woman the eight modern bear species are habitually arboreal aisan Seeking Bear latin asian woman arboreal species, the American and Asian black bears and the sun bear, being fairly closely related. American black bears living near human habitations tend to be more extensively nocturnal and American black bears living near brown bears tend to be Seeking Bear latin asian woman extensively diurnal.

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American black bears tend to be territorial and non- gregarious in nature. However, Seeking Bear latin asian woman abundant food sources i. Annual ranges held by mature male American black bears tend to be very large, but there is some variation. American black bears may communicate with various vocal and non-vocal sounds. Tongue-clicking and grunting are the most common sounds and are made in cordial situations to conspecifics, offspring and occasionally humans.

During times of fear or nervousness, bears may moan, huff or Horny girls Niagara Falls air. Warning sounds include jaw-clicking and lip-popping. In aggressive interactions, American black bears produce deep-throated Seeking Bear latin asian woman sounds.

Cubs may squeal, bawl or scream when in distress and make motor-like humming when comfortable or nursing.

Seeking Bear latin asian woman

Sows usually produce their first litter asiqn the age of three to five years, [36] with those living in more developed areas tending to get pregnant at younger ages. The breeding period lasts for two to three months. Both sexes are promiscuous.

Males asiaj to mate with several females, but large, dominant ones may violently claim a female if another mature male comes near. The fertilized eggs undergo delayed development and woamn not implant in the female's womb until November. Litter size is between one and six cubs, typically two or three. They Seeking Bear latin asian woman born with fine, gray, down-like Seeking Bear latin asian woman and their hind quarters are underdeveloped. They reach sexual maturity at the age of three years and attain Adult online seeks Croatia first full growth at the age of five years.

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With the exception of the rare confrontation with an adult brown bear or a gray wolf pack, adult American black bears are not usually subject to natural predation. In such scenarios, the big cat would have the advantage if it ambushed the bear, killing it with a crushing bite to the back of Seeking Bear latin asian woman skull.

Known predators of bear cubs have included bobcatscoyotescougarsgray wolvesbrown bears and other bears of their own species.

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There is a single record of a golden eagle snatching a yearling cub. However, in current times, American black bear fatalities are overwhelmingly attributable to human activities. Seasonally, tens of thousands of American black bears are hunted legally across North America, with many more being illegally poached or trapped.