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I Ready Dick Looking for a married female or stay home mom

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Looking for a married female or stay home mom

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So that being said, I am seeking for a mature female, and I guess you may be wondering if I can define mature. Trade for (will respond when I can which is normally at night) Please know who Teady Ruxpin, My buddy, thunder cats, are.

Name: Leland
Age: 50
City: Fall River, MA
Hair: Blond naturally
Relation Type: Couples Looking Women Seeking Man
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Relationship Status: Never Married

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The information provided below is not intended to serve as legal or financial advice of any kind. I had been married nearly 8 years when my entire world fell apart.

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Like many mothers, I stayed home with my kids while my husband went to work. I tended to our children while my husband tended to his job.

We saved money on daycare, while he brought home money to support us. The day he left, he emptied our bank account and quit his job. With years as a stay-at-home mom under my belt and an unfinished college education to boot, my resume lacked the basic requirements needed to jump into a career.

For the next several years we lived in povertywhile I scraped my life together and tried to get on my feet. The truth is and as much as it hurt to hearthey were right.

In other cases, spousal support is negotiated tor in favor of more parenting time with the children. There are a variety of things that can happen, but it is true: After leaving me with the children, my ex-husband quit his job.

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I took fmale part-time minimum wage job … so guess who was the employed parent at the time of the divorce? In that case, the stay-at-home parent is safe, right?

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Well, if they have never paid into the Social Security system, then government safeguards for the sick and disabled do not apply to them. Loojing will be no Social Security payments to offset the cost of your care and no Medicare available if you lose your health insurance.

Five years later, I am now a newlywed for the second time.

I am married to an engineer who makes a decent income, and I work part-time again and stay home with the femalf. Yet, I am doing everything different this time around. It may not sound romantic, but it is a sign of respect.

My story may never be yours — and believe me, I hope it never is — but take it from me when I say that the greatest gift you can ever give yourself is the financial security to stand on your Lolking two feet, if need be. Thinkstock I had been married nearly 8 years when Swingers and Windsor xxx entire world fell apart. Mom's Post Nails the Complexities of Motherhood: Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest.

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