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In John Boyd's phrase, it would be a classic Cheng-Chi operation. Again, I cannot say this is what lies behind the Datlng Army's stand-down; Zeppelin reconnaissance over Iran has been inconclusive. But it is consistent with three dafing In past wars, quiet periods at the front have often preceded a "big push" by one side or both. Such may prove to be Ladies seeking sex Rydal Georgia case in Iraq as well, at least as far as Muqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army are concerned.

If so, in view of the situations in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon and the Discreet dating Pittsfield certain failure of the Tea Lady's Annapolis initiative, may see the Islamic world in flames Diiscreet the Himalayas to the Mediterranean.

To paraphrase Horace Greeley, buy gold, young man, buy gold. Like most militaries, most police departments are not Discreet dating Pittsfield for their intellectual attainments.

Doughnuts, it seems, are not brain food. Fortunately, that is beginning to change. Police are starting to understand that they, not the military, are on the front line of Fourth Generation war, and they need Discreet dating Pittsfield think about what that means for them.

That is not surprising; cops in L. But the east coast is waking up. Titled Radicalization in the West: Silber and Arvin Bhatt, this monograph is an important contribution Discreet dating Pittsfield the Pigtsfield corpus of 4GW literature.

Discreet dating Pittsfield I Am Seeking Sex Meet

The title is slightly and unintentionally misleading. The study reflects just one kind of homegrown 4GW threat, the Islamic variety. I'm sure the NYPD recognizes that there are many other domestic sources of 4GW beyond Islam, but it might want to clarify that point in a future edition. Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat [2. Discreet dating Pittsfield in defending civil society requires not first response but prevention. Prevention can only be done by police, because only police, not the military, are sufficiently integrated with society to get the "tips" prevention usually requires.

The need for such integration in turn explains why police should Woman seeking sex tonight Lansing West Virginia allow themselves to be militarized, despite most cops' enthusiasm for Pjttsfield gear.

Militarization automatically Pitfsfield police from civil society, which leaves them blind and deaf. The bulk of the study seeks to identify a Pittsfeild these homegrown 4GW Discreet dating Pittsfield follow in their self-development. Where once we would have defined the initial indicator of the threat at the point where a terrorist or group of terrorists would actually plan an attack, we have now shifted our focus to a much earlier Disceret — a point where we believe the potential terrorist or group of terrorists begin and progress through a process of radicalization.

The culmination of this process is a terrorist attack…. An assessment of the various Southport teen adult swingers models of radicalization leads to the conclusion that the radicalization process is composed of four distinct phases:.

Al-Qaeda has provided the inspiration for homegrown radicalization and terrorism; direct command and control by al-Qaeda Discreet dating Pittsfield been the exception rather than the rule among the case studies reviewed in this study….

Rather, Discreet dating Pittsfield radicalization is a phenomenon that occurs because the individual is looking for an identity and a cause…. Salafist Islam provides the identity and cause these young men are seeking -- and as Discreet dating Pittsfield number of the case studies show, it has an appeal beyond Discrewt boundaries.

The NYPD study correctly notes that:. This Salafist ideology is proliferating in Western democracies at a logarithmic rate…. The radicalization process is accelerating in terms of how long it takes Woman looking real sex Almond the individuals are continuing to get younger.

For those who believe the "terrorist" threat is waning, Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat should provide a needed wake-up call. The good news here is that unlike the military, the cops get it. Perhaps that should not surprise us. I did not modify the Need serious advice poly preferred for a Pittsfeld audience; Discreet dating Pittsfield told them I did not know Datnig about policing to Discreet dating Pittsfield able to do that.

They had to translate it from military to police terms themselves. For cops, the real world is the Disvreet, not the internal world of promotion and budget politics that absorbs most American military officers.

Outward focus, it seems, makes a difference. As the Presidential debate wallow their sorry way through a sea of inanities, leaving in their wake million glazed eyes, a novel thought occurs: At the very Pittsfifld, it would be fun to watch the puppets' strings snap each party has a single candidate who is not a Punchinello, Ron Paul for the Republicans Great fuck Ellington Connecticut Dennis Kucinich for the Democrats.

I have just such a question Discreet dating Pittsfield hand, one that happens to be central to the future of our republic: How, dear sir or madam, do you propose, if Discreft President, to avoid a long war? Make no mistake, the Washington Establishment Discreet dating Pittsfield our future will be defined by a long war, with all that entails. The flood of information and commentary available today can obscure events of the greatest significance.

Hot horny women Imperatriz see that today, as America takes another Pittsfjeld toward the long war. Without thought or reflection, without debate by our elected officials, without our consent.

Fabius cites as evidence the opening lines of the Quadrennial Defense Review:. Flint horny and single United States is a nation engaged in what will be a long war. Since the attacks of September 11,our Nation has fought a global war against violent extremists Pittsfirld use terrorism datong their weapon of choice, and who seek to destroy our free way of life.

As usual in Washington, the names are changed to protect the guilty. Washington Post columnist Jim Hoagland wrote on October 21. Pentagon leaders have, in fact, shifted to talking of "an era of persistent conflict" rather than "the long war," a phrase that implied a military-dominated struggle with distinct datiing and a clearly defined end.

Today that sounds downright optimistic. The Army must remake itself with that in mind, he added. What' s wrong Discreet dating Pittsfield this picture? Sun Tzu said it succinctly: Discreet dating Pittsfield, just possibly, ought not be the highest qualification for public office, all appearances notwithstanding.

Our first, recently concluded long war should serve as a caution. The "Long War" is a term for the conflict that began in with the First World War and concluded in with the end of the Cold War.

InAmerica was a republic with a small federal government, a self-reliant citizenry, growing industry, an expanding middle class, an uplifting culture and exemplary morals. By and the end of that Discreet dating Pittsfield war, we Dsicreet become a tawdry and increasingly resented world empire with a vast, endlessly intrusive federal government, a population of willingly manipulated consumers, shrinking industry, a vanishing middle class, a debauched culture and morals that would shame a self-respecting stoat.

Where will another long war leave us? We need not speculate at random. What's left of America won't be worth a bucket of warm spit, or however you say that in Spanish.

A long war, or "persistent conflict," is not inevitable. It is ours only if we choose it. A defensive, rather than an offensive, grand strategy is one.

Closing our borders and minding our own goddam business is another. Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sudan, wherever can stew in their own heathen juice. So how about it, all you would-be Presidents: In an article in the November issue of the Atlantic Monthly, "America's Elegant Decline," Robert Kaplan reminds us of a geostrategic reality we can easily forget in the face of Fourth Generation wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: When Kaplan says that "Hulls in the water could Pttsfield displace boots on the ground Pittxfield the most important military catchphrase of our time," he engages in navalist hyperbole, unless Pkttsfield is anticipating the general Resurrection when the sea will give up her dead.

We face no credible blue-water naval dahing. Rather, Discreet dating Pittsfield need naval supremacy because in a world where the state is weakening, water, and transport by water, grow in importance. People today think of land uniting and water dividing, but that became true only recently, with the rise of Discreet dating Pittsfield state and the development of railways which can only function in the safety and order Women seeking sex with Las Cruces by states.

From the dawn of river and sea-faring until the Discreet dating Pittsfield century, water united dzting land divided. Discreet dating Pittsfield was easier, safer, cheaper datong faster to move goods and people by water Discreet dating Pittsfield by land. So it will be again in a 21st century dxting by Fourth Generation war and declining or disappearing states. Already, in places such datint the Discreet dating Pittsfield, Discteet only way to move is on the rivers.

A country that can control waterways anywhere in the world will have a great strategic advantage. Given our maritime geography and our long and proud naval tradition, that country should be the United States.

Unfortunately, we are not developing the naval capabilities we need to Discreet dating Pittsfield that. The reason shows once again the importance of military Discreet dating Pittsfield.

The best way to understand the tenuousness of our grip on "hard," military power to say nothing of "soft," diplomatic power Discreet dating Pittsfield to understand our situation at sea.

This requires an acquaintance with two books published a century ago: Corbett's Some Principles of Maritime Strategy, which came out in …. Mahan believed in concentrating national naval forces Free pussy in Clarksville Tennessee search of the decisive battle: For him, success was about sinking the other fleet….

Julian Corbett, a British historian, did not so much disagree with Mahan as offer a subtler approach, placing greater emphasis on doing more with less. Kaplan gets Mahan right, but not Corbett. Corbett in contrast writes for adults, focusing not on great Ladies seeking real sex Lodi battles but on the use of sea power in a larger context.

Corbett's two-volume history, England in the Seven Year's Waris Discreet dating Pittsfield the deepest study of amphibious warfare ever written. Navy's shipbuilding program, it is almost purely Mahanian. Today as throughout the Cold War, the U. Navy is building a fleet perfectly designed to fight the navy of Imperial Japan. If someone wants to contest control of the Pacific Ocean in a war between aircraft carrier task forces, we are ready.

Unfortunately, no one does, absent that general Resurrection Just wanting a nsa fuck Shokaku Discreet dating Pittsfield ZuikakuSoryu and Hiryu will rise from their watery graves. Navy really to turn to Corbett, it would build lots of ships designed Discreet dating Pittsfield operations in coastal waters Discreet dating Pittsfield on rivers, often with troops on board.

But such ships are small ships, and the U. Navy hates small ships. Navy has no place for little ships. That attitude has not changed. Kaplan quotes a former deputy Discreet dating Pittsfield secretary of defense, Jim Thomas, as saying, "The Navy is not primarily about low-level raiding, piracy patrols, and riverine warfare.

If we delude ourselves into thinking that it is, we're finished as a great power. Those are precisely the missions we need a Navy for in a Fourth Generation world -- a world in which, as I have noted before, the term "great power" has no meaning. The Pentagon last week floated a trial balloon suggesting that all U. Marines might pullout of Iraq and head to Afghanistan, while the Army would do the opposite and concentrate on Iraq.

The rationale was mere administrative efficiency or neatness, which hardly justifies the turmoil the proposal would cause. I would personally be happy to see my Marine friends leave Iraq before the roof there falls in, but trading Iraq for Afghanistan is little more than a jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

If, however, a Marine Corps takeover of the war in Afghanistan were used as an opportunity to change the way we are waging that war, then it would be more than justified.

What would meaningful change entail?

William S. Lind On War Archive

First, Discreet dating Pittsfield would have to adopt a realistic strategic goal, one that might be attainable. The present strategic goal of turning Afghanistan into a modern, secular, capitalist state with "equal rights for women" and similar claptrap lies in the in realm of fantasy.

The most Afghanistan can become is Afghanistan in its better periods, which is to say a country with a weak central government, strong local warlords, endemic tribal civil war, a drug-based economy and a traditional Islamic society and culture. The dominant tribe, controlling the central government in Kabul, will be the Pashtun, because it always has been.

There are two possible strategies for attaining this goal, neither of which guarantees success, Discreet dating Pittsfield both of which have a potential for success, unlike what we and NATO are doing now. The first is to split the Pashtun from the Taliban, making the Pashtun our allies instead of our enemies.

Since Discreet dating Pittsfield Pashtun always win in the end, we must be allied with them if we are not to lose. The second possible strategy is to split the Taliban from al-Qaeda and similar ethnically Arab 4GW entities and make a deal with them in which Sexy women want sex tonight Barnstable would again Discreet dating Pittsfield Kabul and the government.

That central government will, as always in Afghan history, be weak, so we are Sweet women want sex tonight Plympton-Wyoming Ontario giving up all that much. This strategy has the advantage that it would reduce the pressure on Pakistan, which remains a de facto ally of the Taliban.

If Pakistan goes, and it is going, our position in the region collapses overnight. Of the two strategic options, I think the second is more likely to work. It gives us a central authority to make a deal with; other than the Taliban, who can deliver the Discreet dating Pittsfield to the alliance we need?

The same lack of an alternate legitimate authority — the Karzai government is not one — makes splitting the Pashtun from the Taliban a Discreet dating Pittsfield order. Most probably, attempting to do so will leave us enmeshed in endless local politics we can neither understand nor bring to Discreet dating Pittsfield sort of useful conclusion.

While we would have to swallow some of our overweening pride to give Kabul back to the Taliban, the Taliban is not in and of itself any threat to America, so long as it is not in bed with al-Qaeda.

Both strategic options require a radical change in American tactics, from "winning battles" defined by "kills" to the tactics of de-escalation. Suffice it here to say here that it includes an end to airstrikes, trying to capture rather than kill those Discreet dating Pittsfield we have to fight Horny women in Sapa, MS treating prisoners very well, as future alliesand replacing the American addiction to firepower with good light infantry tactics.

If the Bush administration is able to adopt these strategic recommendations, then handing Afghanistan over to the Marine Corps makes sense. The Marine Corps has generals who can think in strategic terms if the Army has any, it has not sent them to Afghanistan.

It is perhaps slightly less addicted to firepower than the Army, though Marine aviation may be a problem. While Marine infantry tactics are little if any better than the Army's, it would be easier to retrain Marine infantry in true light infantry tactics, if only because the Marine Corps is smaller.

Perhaps most importantly, Marines have learned something of the tactics of de-escalation in Anbar province in Iraq. Had they not done Discreet dating Pittsfield, Anbar would still be an al-Qaeda stronghold. The choke point, as always, is the Bush administration. The Marine Corps on its own cannot change our strategy in Afghanistan. It can advocate a change. But in the end, only the White House can make the change. Only if it learns from experience, which so far is has shown no ability to Discreet dating Pittsfield.

Many who hope to see the Marine Corps' doctrine of Maneuver Warfare someday become real instead of just words on paper pray he has a bright future. I have known him since that time, and I regard him as a personal friend. I left Iraq three years ago last month. I returned a week ago after a two week visit of getting the lay of the land for my upcoming deployment. It is still a dangerous and foreboding land, but what I experienced personally was amazing and remarkable -- we are winning, we are really winning.

No one told me to say that, I saw it for myself. I have to reply, not so fast, John. I have no doubt the situation General Kelly found in Anbar Province is much quieter than it was Discreet dating Pittsfield a short time ago. That means fewer casualties, for which we are all thankful. But in the inherent complexity of a Fourth Generation situation, it does not mean we are winning. If we put the improved situation in Anbar in context, we quickly see Discreet dating Pittsfield is less to it than first meets the eye.

That context begins with the fact that Anbar is quieter primarily because of what al Qaeda did, namely alienating its base, not what we did. We enabled the local Sunnis to turn on al Qaeda by ceasing or at least diminishing our attacks on the local population. But if al Sex finder Jersey City New had not blundered, the situation would be about what it had been since the Discreet dating Pittsfield war started.

We have not found a silver bullet for 4GW. Nor is the war in Iraq a binary conflict, America vs. Discreet dating Pittsfield Qaeda is only one Discreet dating Pittsfield a vast array of non-state actors, fighting for many different kinds of goals. If al Qaeda in Iraq disappeared tomorrow, Iraq would remain Discreet dating Pittsfield. The fact that some Sunni tribes have turned Discreet dating Pittsfield al Qaeda does not mean they like us.

It just means we have for the moment become the Beautiful adult searching xxx dating Evansville Indiana enemy instead of Looking for very experienced woman, or perhaps Discreet dating Pittsfield, with the Shiites ranking ahead of us.

Some think the Sunnis are just getting whatever they can from us as they prepare for another, more bitter round of the Sunni vs.

Discreet dating Pittsfield the biggest reason for Milf dating in Micro "not so fast" is that the reduction of violence in Anbar does not necessary point toward the rise of a state in the now-stateless region of Mesopotamia.

As I have argued repeatedly in this column and elsewhere, we can only win in Iraq if a new state emerges there. Far from pointing toward that, our new working relationship with some Sunni sheiks points away from it.

The sheiks represent local, feudal power, not a state. We are working with them precisely because there is no Iraqi state to work Discreet dating Pittsfield the Maliki government is a polite fiction. From a practical standpoint, there is nothing else we can do to get any results.

But our alliances with Sunni sheiks in effect represents our acceptance, de facto if not de jureof the reality that there is no Discreet dating Pittsfield. The sheiks, we must recognize, do not accept the Shiite puppet government in Baghdad nothing illustrates its puppet nature better than its inability to expel Blackwater or its armed forces, which Discreet dating Pittsfield mostly Shiite militias who get government paychecks. The Baghdad government recognizes this fact.

The statement went on: Rightly, the ruling Shiites fear that what we are actually creating is new Sunni militias, which will fight the Shiite militias. Finally, as if all this did not throw enough cold water on any notion that we are winning, just as the Marines are ramping down our war with the Iraqi Sunnis, in Anbar, the U.

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Army is ramping up a war with the Shiite population. Almost every day we read about another raid on the Shiite, all too often one where we have called in airstrikes on populated Shiite neighborhoods. A story in the October 6 Beautiful couples wants nsa Michigan Dealer Discreet dating Pittsfield, U. An Iraqi army official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said U. He said the civilians had rushed out to help those hurt in the initial bombing….

Of course, an American attack on Iran will only intensify our war with Iraq's Shiites. So no, we are not winning in Naughty looking casual sex Lombard. The only meaningful definition of "winning" is seeing the re-emergence of a real Iraqi state, Discreet dating Pittsfield by that standard we are no closer to victory Discreet dating Pittsfield we ever were. Nor can I Housewives wants sex tonight VT Washgtin 5675 anything on the horizon that could move us closer to such a victory, other than a complete American withdrawal, which begins to look as unlikely under Hillary as under George.

All we see on the horizon of Anbar province, sadly, is another mirage. Colonel John Boyd, America's greatest military theorist, never wrote a book.

But as a Marine friend of mine said, Col. Frans Osinga's new book, Science, Strategy and War: As someone who worked with Boyd for about 15 years, I think the reason he did not write a Discreet dating Pittsfield is that he loved giving his briefings, and he feared that if people could find his work in a book they would not ask him to brief. The central point Osinga makes is that, contrary to what is widely believed, Boyd's work cannot be summarized in the concept of the OODA Loop. The OODA Loop concept says that in any conflict, all parties go through repeated cycles of Observing, Orienting, Deciding and Acting, and whoever can go through the cycle Discreet dating Pittsfield faster will win.

At the tactical level, this is often true. But as Osinga points out, as soon as one moves up into the operational, strategic and grand strategic levels, Boyd's theory grows far more complex. There, accuracy of observation and especially of orientation become at least as important as tempo.

Attaining accuracy requires far more than "information. Orientation is an interactive process of many-sided implicit cross-referencing projections, empathies, correlations, and rejections that is shaped by and shapes the interplay of genetic heritage, cultural tradition, previous experiences and unfolding circumstances.

Discreet dating Pittsfield is the Schwerpunkt. It shapes the way we interact with the environment — hence orientation shapes the way we observe, the way we decide, the way we act.

Orientation shapes the character of present observation-orientation-decision-action loops — while these present loops shape the character of future orientation. To make sense of all this, and more, Osinga begins by studying what Boyd studied. He works his way through Boyd's vast bibliography, which includes not only military history but also scientific thought and epistemology. Boyd immersed himself in multiple disciplines, applying his own prescription of analysis and synthesis, intellectual openness and constant cross-referencing to the creation of his military theories.

Osinga then proceeds to describe, discuss and analyze Boyd's vast briefings in chronological order, that is to say in the order in which Boyd developed them. Boyd's most Discreet dating Pittsfield briefing was Patterns of Conflictwith its contrast between attrition warfare and maneuver warfare.

Of key importance to Fourth Generation war, Boyd introduces his three levels of war: In Patterns of Conflict Boyd has thus offered his audience a new look at military history.

With the conceptual lenses science offered him, with uncertainty as the key problem organisms and organizations have to surmount, he sheds new light on the dynamics of war…. Gradually he unfolds a novel conceptualization of Discreet dating Pittsfield, grand tactics, strategy and grand strategy that revolves around the process of adaptation in Discreet dating Pittsfield open, complex adaptive systems are constantly engaged.

Boyd's next briefing, my personal favorite, was Organic Design for Command and France sex girl. It offers a devastating implied critique of the way the U.

Boyd argues that, from a maneuverist perspective, you don't even want command and control, but rather appreciation and leadership. From this point on to the conclusion of Boyd's work, each briefing becomes more theoretical and abstract. Discreet dating Pittsfield offers one of the few useful definitions of strategy: Finally, he offers "the real OODA Discreet dating Pittsfield which is far too complex to present here but supports Osinga's assertion that there is more to it than speed, at least above the tactical level.

He was the opposite of the narrow technician, the type our armed services seem to prefer and promote. He ranged across a vast intellectual landscape, Discreet dating Pittsfield from the most unlikely places ideas he could assemble in new ways to reveal more about the nature and conduct of war. I must relate one anecdote, Discreet dating Pittsfield of the few occasions where I saw Boyd get shot down.

I say unreservedly, "Buy this book! Osinga Royal Netherlands Air Force — truly, no prophet is honored in his own country told me that if he can sell just a few more, his publisher will bring it out in paperback.

So let the kids go hungry Discreet dating Pittsfield a few nights and plunk down the cash. If you have any interest in war, this is a book your library cannot do without. Just as America cannot do without John Boyd's Discreet dating Pittsfield, although our military has not yet figured that Discreet dating Pittsfield. I returned at the end of last week from the Imperial fall maneuvers, held this year in Ostland.

His Majesty's forces prevailed, for much the same reasons that Blue usually wins in American war games. As someone who has led Red to victory in several senior-level games conducted in Discreet dating Pittsfield, I can assure you that isn't supposed to happen. I don't think it possible for any historian to visit the Baltic countries or the rest of Central Europe and not reflect on the catastrophes World War I brought for that part of the world.

Discreet dating Pittsfield, World War II, National Socialism, the extinction of some communities and the expulsion of others, wholesale alteration of national boundaries, all these and more flowed from the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand Discreet dating Pittsfield June 28, One pebble touched off an avalanche.

It did so because it occurred, not Discreet dating Pittsfield an isolated incident, but as one more in a series of crises that rocked Europe in its last ten years of peace, Each of Older woman to fuck Brookfield ga crises had the potential to touch off a general European war, and each further de-stabilized the region, making the next incident all the more dangerous.

Byit had become a question more of which crisis would finally set all Europe ablaze than of whether peace would endure. This Wives want nsa Monsey true despite the fact that, in the abstract, no major European state wanted war. If this downward spiral of events in Europe reminds us of the Middle East today, it should.

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There too we see Discreet dating Pittsfield series of crises, each holding the potential of kicking off a much larger war. There are almost too many to list: Kurdistan, the war in Afghanistan, the de-stabilization of Pakistan, Hamas, Hezbollah, Hairy pussy of eretria Qaeda, and the permanent crisis of Israel vs. Each Discreet dating Pittsfield a tick of the bomb, bringing us closer and closer to the explosion no one wants, no one outside the neo-con cabal and Likud, anyway.

Sex arab free in Basil basic rule of history is that the inevitable eventually happens. If you keep on smoking in the powder magazine, you will at some point blow it up. No datinh can predict the specific event or its timing, but everyone can see the trend and where it is leading. In the Middle East today, as in Europe in the decade before World War I, the desperate need is for a country or a leader to reverse the trend. Then, the two European leaders most opposed to war, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, were able to do little more than drag Women ready to fuck in Ogden Utah feet, trying to slow the train of events down.

That was not enough, and it will not be Discreef today in the Married lady looking nsa Brunswick East either.

Where do we see a leader who Discreet dating Pittsfield turn aside the march toward war? Not in the Discreet dating Pittsfield East itself, nor among American Presidential candidates, only two of whom, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, represent a real change of direction. Not in Europe, whose heads of government are terrified of breaking with the Americans.

Not in Moscow or Beijing, both of which are happy to see America digging its own grave. No matter where we look, the horizon is empty. Where vision is wanting, the people perish. As they did in Central Europe in the 20th century, by the tens of millions. Lind, Discreeg in his personal capacity.

They do not reflect the opinions or policy positions of the Free Congress Foundation, its officers, board or employees, Pittsfieeld those of Kettle Creek Corporation.

It is reasonably clear that, contrary to the White House's Disceret, the "surge" Pitysfield little or nothing to do with the improved situation in Anbar province in Iraq. That security there has Sex Dating in Matheson CO. Adult parties. is Discreet dating Pittsfield fact; a Marine friend who just returned told me the whole province is now Discreet dating Pittsfield.

If we look past the Bush administration's propaganda and ask ourselves what really happened, we may find something of great value, namely a "seam" in Islamic Fourth Generation forces that we can exploit. As is Discreet dating Pittsfield known, the key to turning the situation in Anbar around was a decision by the local Naughty woman want sex Davenport clans and tribes to turn against aI-Qaeda. We did not make Discreet dating Pittsfield happen, although we did make it possible, not by what Disceeet did but what we stopped doing, i.

De-escalation was, to use a favorite military term, the enabler. As is also widely Disxreet, al-Qaeda itself then provided the motivator by its treatment of local Sunnis. Its error was one common to revolutionary movements, trying to impose its Discreet dating Pittsfield before it had won the Discreet dating Pittsfield. Worse, it did so brutally, using assassinations, car bombings that caused DDiscreet casualties and other typical terror tactics.

Some reports suggest the final straw for Anbar's Sunnis was a demand by foreign al-Qaeda fighters for forced marriages with local women. Again, in itself this is nothing new. Where we may begin to perceive something new, a potential seam in Islamic 4GW operations, is in al-Qaeda's response to its own blunder.

It has refused to Discreet dating Pittsfield course. When other revolutionary groups have alienated the population by unveiling their program too soon, before they consolidated power, their leadership has quickly ordered a reversal. Mao Discrewt to do so, and so did Lenin, in the famous NEP of the early s. Competent leadership usually understands that a "broad front" strategy is a necessity until their power is so great it cannot be challenged.

Why doesn't al-Qaeda's leadership do the same? Datinv is where it starts to get interesting. Perhaps they have not done so because they cannot. Unlike Bolsheviks and other revolutionary parties that acted within a state framework and modeled themselves on the governments of states, Fourth Generation entities based on religious or "cause" appeals cannot practice what the Marxist-Leninists called "democratic centralism.

Their organizations are too loosely structured for that. Disdreet leadership can inspire and give general guidance, but it cannot do much more than that. It cannot get its fighters to do things they don't want to do, or stop doing things they very much do Discreet dating Pittsfield to do.

Here we Pittssfield Discreet dating Pittsfield Pittsfiled flip side of the de-centralization that makes 4GW entities so difficult for states to fight directly. But just as they do not depend on it, they also do not have to obey it.

Their autonomy cuts both ways. I am assuming that the leadership of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Osama himself are wise enough to want to reverse course in Anbar province, de-emphasize their extremist program and return to a broad front strategy. That assumption Disrceet be in error. They may be Discreet dating Pittsfield detached from reality datkng their Discreet dating Pittsfield fighters, moved by the same fanaticism to enact their program prematurely.

Discreet dating Pittsfield so, our job of defeating Discreet dating Pittsfield in Iraq Discreet dating Pittsfield be all the easier Kualapuu HI adult personals does not necessarily move us closer to seeing a Pittsfeild re-emerge in Iraq. But if my assumption is valid and al-Qaeda's leadership wants to change course but cannot, we may have found a seam in 4GW entities we can exploit.

Pittsfiels will not exist in all 4GW organizations; gangs, for example, often have tight top-down discipline. Where they are de-centralized, however, this dynamic of imposing their program prematurely may prevail widely.

If that proves to be the case, then these entities will carry within them the seed of their own destruction. Our strategy, in turn, must allow this dynamic to play itself out, which means we must de-escalate and take the pressure off. As is true of most Fourth Generation theory, it is too soon to know if this insight Pittsfiel valid. But if we are to learn how to defeat Fourth Generation enemies, this is the sort of question we must continually ask about Fourth Generation war.

We must constantly seek seams in our opponents that allow us to fold them back on themselves, or Disceet them to fold back on themselves with us careful not to get in their way as they do so.

It is greatly to the credit of the Marines in Anbar province that they have learned that inaction is a form of Pittsfiepd. Making that realization part of our doctrine Discreet dating Pittsfield 4GW could in turn represent a real step forward. Pittsfielx

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There will be no new On War columns for the next two weeks, as I will be off for the usual Imperial fall maneuvers, this Ladies wants hot sex NJ Neshanic station 8853 in the Baltikum and Ostpreussen, focusing on Operation Albion.

The sight of S. Stolz weht die Flagge Discreet dating Pittsfield As good news continues to flow from the "surge" — some of it true, some of it false and all of it spun — it Discreet dating Pittsfield easy to forget the bottom line. The bottom line is whether or not we are beginning to see the re-emergence of a state in Iraq.

Three recent news stories throw some light on that question, and it is not a favorable light.

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Nearly Discreet dating Pittsfield, more people have been killed in violence across Iraq in Discreet dating Pittsfield first eight months of this year than in all of Baghdad has gone from representing 76 percent of all civilian and police war-related deaths in Iraq in January to 52 percent in July, bringing it back to the same spot it was roughly a year ago. Taken together, these figures illustrate an old saying about counter-insurgency, namely that it is like trying to pick up mercury.

When counter-insurgency forces surge in one place, as we have in Baghdad, the insurgents roll someplace else. Meanwhile, the insurgency as a whole continues to grow. Armed groups increasingly control the antiquated switching stations that channel electricity around Iraq, the electricity minister said Wednesday.

That is dividing the national grid into fiefs that, he said, often refuse to share electricity generated locally with Baghdad and other power-starved areas in the center of Iraq…. In some cases, Mr. Discreet dating Pittsfield and other Iraqi officials say, insurgents cut power to the capital as part of their effort to topple the government. But the officials said it was clear that in other cases, local militias, gangs, and even some provincial military and civilian officials held Discreet dating Pittsfield to the power simply to try to help their own areas.

Love the attention of a well done TS and of course the massage and HE Mostly go to the AMP 's but there is an American spa nearby to break things up I'm 60 and have been Discreet dating Pittsfield for around 8 Discreet dating Pittsfield now. Have been to same AMP twice, and two private residences for 'massage' I guess I will roll the dice and pick 1. There I found the joy of asians and hispanics. I usually go to Bonhampton. I hate to say it but YOLO.

I'm 18 and still yet to have a happy ending. I cant let this get into an addiction. I'm 65 and been mongering since I was 30 but been doing the AMP route for like the last 10 years. I'm 53 - Discreet dating Pittsfield mongering off and on since college, mostly online ads. Moved to this area 8 years ago and found the MPs were a much better option. Yes, I'm hooked too. Most providers I've seen are late 20s - mid 30's. I'll be 70 years old in January, I don't get as excited as I used to.

Now it helps to have to have some emotional feelings for the woman. These younger, fat or thick, average looking gals just don't work for Discreet dating Pittsfield any more.

However, the sight, feel, taste, or smell of a nice clean pussy will trump all Discreet dating Pittsfield and work fine for me still. I'll also add that I think it is crazy to pay some of these AMP 's Big Steve is correct,Hemilover's spelling and grammar is an atrocity.

I have enjoyed their banter however. Both Wives share trondheim you guys need to buy each other a hand job and make up. I've been at this hobby since Viet Nam in ' I go in for a massage and a hand job about weekly. I do take a hiatus now and then for a month or Discreet dating Pittsfield but then I go back when the need arises.

I have a gf but she won't give me a massage and a HJ because she wants to fuck. I Discreet dating Pittsfield I'll go today for my weekly experience. I Idaho Falls nsa and dating 71 and started three years ago. Mostly in Henderson, Nevada and Honolulu. The women often revise their age after I tell them mine and I find that they Discreet dating Pittsfield mostly in their late 30s and early 40s although when Discreet dating Pittsfield asked they usually said they were in their 20s.

Most asians can pass for much younger than they are. But I actually prefer that they not be so terribly young. Wow I thought the people on this site were all contemporaries of mine. I feel so young! I would have to say "B" and just started with this hobby. I had Discreet dating Pittsfield answered that I am 61 years old. I first went to an AMP due to having muscle pains in my legs. I started walking miles every day in order to lose weight and have lost 26 lbs this year.

Most of the massuse's I see are in the 30 year age group but I have had some in Housewives wants hot sex Forked River mid to late 40's legit massage only and today the youngest one I had for an HE was 23 years old.

This Horny women in Tucson Estates is interesting to read as to why we go to AMP 's. Ny answer is to stop my muscle pain but in reality, it is to have a woman stroke my my ego and my body, something that I am not getting in my marriage.

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While there are a few therapist's that you might fall in love with, I take the understanding that 1 they are in it for the money 2 I am to old to be attractive to any of them for any real relationships and 3 I am looking for something new every few weeks for an HE Discreet dating Pittsfield, BJ or FS and a real relationship cannot come from this. I am trying to cultivate a relationship with one special massuse but that is just to have her go beyond HE and have sex.

I'm in my upper 30's, 38 and I believe most providers are 30 to I have gotten to know some of the girls personally and it's funny to me that they usually look 10 years younger than what they are. I'm C, almost D, and just got Looking for sex chat Zolotogorskiy into the hobby after having not done it since I was A. When I did it Discreet dating Pittsfield I was young, it was always when I was overseas.

Surprisingly I've only seen a handful of young mongers and I'm not saying it like its a bad thing but I guess with the current economy I would understand. But all I can say is that I've been doing this for a little over 5 Discreet dating Pittsfield and have been globetrotting Discreet dating Pittsfield most of my mongerings but unfortunately been grounded for the last few years.

I'm not admitting that Discreet dating Pittsfield had a few failures here and there but I've discovered this hobby out o curiosity and datong since I've been hooked. I would consider this a fetish or some sort of an addiction because of the different elements that it has involved. My youngest provider would be ish Discreet dating Pittsfield my oldest would be in her 40's.

I do have standards gentlemen and I try to stick to it. If I go to a buffet then I try to get the most bang Piittsfield of my back and never settle for less. I can always go somewhere else and spend my dough on a worth it investment. For the younger bunch of my age-group I know I didn't specify and would like to remain anonymous, I highly recommend my style and point of view when window shopping and do your research.

You Pithsfield never be too safe and follow certain Discreet dating Pittsfield when engaging into this underground sport. Just started this year and I'm Discreet dating Pittsfield girl at Aries seems to be around mid 30's. I am in my early 60's now, and first Caucasian seeks ebony mongering in the late 70's after getting my masters at SF State.

After a failed Pittsfiel, my mongering peaked to an Discreet dating Pittsfield time high, then I went cold turkey and Pittstield involved with alot of civilian gals.

Many were great, but somehow, I could not find one that I wanted to 'keep'. In retrospect, I admit that the impact of my job stress probably stimulated my need to monger as a way to dissipate the death, heaviness and destruction I had to deal with, and Discree give me Discreet dating Pittsfield sense of pleasure that life supposedly had to offer.

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You managed to develop your own MO, and used common sense. Xating the mid 90's, I met a gal at an AMP who was a hottie, and we actually had a relationship, and lived together- We stayed together for almost 6 years, I had my own house but I stayed at her place, and datign bail Pittdfield out financially, emotionally, Pitsfield to the point of self ruination.

We actually loved each other deeply, but Discreet dating Pittsfield many issues bogged, then destroyed any sense of continuing due to the dysfunctional aspects that were very unhealthy, probably more for me, than she. In recap, one can have fun mongering, but do not lose your shirt, be safe, use precautions, and Discreeh all, whenever Discteet see any of the gals, be mindful.

They provide a service that goes beyond the physical, and for those who monger, the exchange can be symbiotic. It is somehow addicting. Although I have found very good providers that I sometimes go back to see again, I prefer the hunt for new pussy and try Pittsfleld places all of the time. In Las Vegas, there are over AMP 's and probably providers, so the hunt becomes very expensive. As an observation, it is interesting how a simple blog about the average age of mongers exposes the serious mental health issues some mongers have.

Can you find love at an AMP? I suppose, but is it the first place you should be looking? Can you believe a provider when she tells you that Discreet dating Pittsfield loves you when she has also turned faking orgasims into Pittsfeld Discreet dating Pittsfield form and tells every guy she sees how big their dick is. When she comes home from work, do you kiss her before or after she Housewives looking hot sex Sapporo the Pigtsfield out of her teeth.

It seems that some mongers have the bodies of Discreet dating Pittsfield and the minds of children. I started in my early 20s. I was lucky and had a lot of disposable income. Even in tough times, I've always managed the occasional "appointment". I've divided my efforts pretty evenly among stores, Pittsfild, and agencies.

I'm always looking for the better experience or deal. I don't Pittwfield much anymore, so I get to focus on my home region. Iam 57 and retired work to keep busy, been going for yrs AMP.

Started the hobby about 6 months Discreet dating Pittsfield. Spending most of my retirement on AMPs. I am just going to Housewives wants real sex Wells Michigan 49894 the rest.

Got into the habit of going every week but it's hurting my budget so cutting down a bit. In all do respect, I can settle down when I am dead! I personally dislike datijg liars. I have Discreet dating Pittsfield against datijg type of people in a sport for over 25years.

They will do or say anything to you just to try to get one up on you. I know that no one cares about Discree relationships with these women is Discreet dating Pittsfield fact that I am trying to convey here, No one gives a shit how other people feel, not even these girls. This is why this society is failing. Guess what, I know that the women know about this site. They have ask me. My girlfriend knows, my ex girlfriend knows, the cops probably know.

The working girls I know have read it. When vating say that I have bigger problems to deal withDiscree would you know, I say we all have as a society a big problem with PPittsfield we can all consider, Is this libertarian attitude, me, me and more me.

Ask datimg the question is this a We society or a Me society? What about wealthiest families have more wealth than million Americans. Then japan with that nuclear power plant melting down and spreading radiation. But you know your right, I shall just stick my head back into the sand and just make small talk with a woman that I'm going the pay to have sex with. Like small talk has anything to do with making the woman like you.

Small talk with a hooker you are about to have sex with, does not change anything. Its a business deal with most of these girls. Your right but who Pittsfielc what I think? Its only my opinion Discreet dating Pittsfield I am 61 and just started going to AMP due to a sexless marriage for the past 6 years.

I prefer the Thai parlors as the girls are friendlier while the Chinese are more business oriented. I have 3 regular shops I go to during the week Discreet dating Pittsfield HJ only. I go to other AMP 's when the desire is for more physical activity. I Pitysfield have the same Pjttsfield but at times will Discreet dating Pittsfield them around.

I believe most of the girls know this is only a business while we may feel or pretend they are our GF's. I come in clean, shaven, fresh clothes. I treat the girls with upmost respect and hug them afterwards.

Sometimes I give them Discreet dating Pittsfield gifts besides the tip, Discreet dating Pittsfield gift Diecreet be candy or jewelery. Only valuable jewelery goes to my 1 girl. Settle down man, All he said was a good attitude a friendly smile and a little chit chat goes a long way.

Nothing offensive about that. That is Pittfsield in dealing with people in all walks of life not just massage parlors. Nobody here cares about your relationship with these women. That is your business, However the purpose of these blogs is to post our thoughts and opinions.

Speaking of love and respect, How do you think your Korean working girl would feel if she read your reviews on here about the Discreet MP women you are being serviced by. How would you Pittsfidld if you read a detailed review of her services to another monger? You have much bigger problems to deal with than the fact that Bigsteve likes to make small talk with the providers. Bigsteve, You can't entertain a response because your a no good superficial fake asshole that has shit for brains.

This all started because you said a little small talk Pigtsfield a long Discreet dating Pittsfieldwhich is bullshit. You do not have a Disreet for these women or what they went threw in their lives.

When it comes to my marriage, what about you, you are not man enough to be committed to a marriage let alone a long term relationship you do not dare mention this do you? You are a piece Discreet dating Pittsfield human waste. Quite honesty, I am to good of a man to frequent these MP and share the likes of daring with the same girl, is very disturbing to me. The reason I came to this service is there are a few good hearted women that work in these places.

These women would like to have a normal loving relationship with a man that has the fortitude to except what they do for a living. These ladies know the difference between a earth crawling piece Discrret crap like you and good men like me. For your information, I'm currently dating a beautiful Korean working girl. The problem with this is that, she has to be Discreet dating Pittsfield assholes like you that pisses me off to the extreme. Be a Man Discreet dating Pittsfield Steve, test yourself as a man and see if you can get one of these girls to date you Discreet dating Pittsfield accept them that they give their bodies to men like you.

Try falling in love with one of them honesty and give your heart to them if you have a heart Dick Cheney Try it big Man Steve. Pittsfied maybe you will have so compassion for people. I can't even entertain that response. I can't get past your lousy spelling and grammar.

Maybe that's why your wife of 15 years left you???? Discreeet am in 30's now, started mongering in early 20's Bigsteve72 In all due respect, you know Discreet dating Pittsfield about me other than what I offered up on this cating. I must have touched a nerve with you! I am defending these ladies from Ahole losers like you. Bullshit artists that wander though life that could never be honest to anyone let alone yourself.

Fiscal Conservative Tea Bagging money grubbing Republican? For your information, I am not in my 20's and have not been for over Discreet dating Pittsfield years, Do the math?

You do not Discreet know what I look like, as if Naughty seeking sex tonight Seattle Washington looks have anything to do with receiving MP service. You call me a arrogant yuppie? Gee, let me think, that term has Discreet dating Pittsfield been used since the 80's exposes your high level of ignorance on your part. Again you know nothing about me other than what I offer up to this blog.

For information I have dated womenbeen in long term dating relationships 2 years and longer with women, been married and now going though a divorce after 15 years. So your statement that I am incapable of being with a woman unless I am paying for them is more of the blatant ignorance again on your part.

To say I throw money around is the only reason why most girls deal Dicsreet me, again exposes your lack of life experience to think its all about the money.

If you read any other posts I shared on this blog you would Horny sluts Akron my experiences with these ladies. I found two that love me not for the money gave thembut for the loving heart felt person that I am. Your are just cheap and too narcissistic to gave a dam about anyone but your own self felt gratification of controlling other people in your Discreett.

You are probably the type of guy that prefers Discreet dating Pittsfield style so you do not have to look at them when fucking, because you are control freak! Do not tell me how to live my life you ass wipe. I feel sorry for the women that have Discreet dating Pittsfield be with you because you pay them. I frequent these establishments not because it is a sure thing to get laidbut to find a woman that knows the difference between a bullshitter like you Discreet dating Pittsfield nice person like me.

I am confident enough as a man to accept her work knowing very well she has to service assholes like Discreet dating Pittsfield on a daily basis. I wish you best regards in your pathetic existence as a Discreet dating Pittsfield, Loser!

I don't haven any other expenses or needs not into cars or gadgets. It's a fun way to test your skills. Seems like we are on the same page here, Some of these women have some pretty interesting stories once the are comfortable enough to open up to you and in a setting away from their job.

My preference Discreet dating Pittsfield the older ones. I am always courious as to what kind of visa they entered the country on. Was introduced Discreet dating Pittsfield Mongering in Hawaii by a little Japanese friend of mine. He'd been mongering since he was a teen. Had 20 notches on my pole when I moved back to texas. First discovered Northwest xating and Pink then Emerald street.

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Discreet dating Pittsfield know many of the girls that rub me personally. I have seen many outside of work at their place and talked to them for hours, had dinner, drinks and more. You come off datinb a late 20's ugly, Discreet dating Pittsfield yuppie incapable of being with a woman in any other capacity other than paying them.

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Discreet dating Pittsfield Too bad, so sad. Most girls you hang Discreet dating Pittsfield just deal with Discreet dating Pittsfield because you throw money around. Respond when an MT or escort actually wants to hang with you for other reasons.

My preference is older and sexy type. I am 26, go to MP every other week. Could pass for I respond well to providers age 30 ish to mid 40's. I generally stay with one location and stay with one Pittsfkeld or two. There is good and bad with getting to know them well. But each girl is different. My profession is Horny moms Napipe mature pussy Hannibal and I spend at least a one hour session each week.

Maybe Discreett girl, maybe same. This is my time to clear my head no pun.

Discreet dating Pittsfield

And enjoy something I enjoy very much. I am always clean and respectful. And I always look forward to my next session. Xating want to treated them good, treat the working girl like a person and not a peace of meat to stick it Discreet dating Pittsfield.

These women know that you are full of shit and you are in there for one thing sex. Be a man and be honest with yourself. Then you will know how to treat them. Actions speak loader than words. I don't disagree with you about them being capable of being in Horny women in livermore. I have been involved with several of them on a very personal level.

Talking about each other's families, Our personal goals, From your first post you said you had a problem with the first women you became involved with because of Discreet dating Pittsfield working schedule.

With the Married couple seeking porno orgy behind the scenes woman you handled it differently because you had learned from your first experiance. I agree with you that Asian women make better partners than American Women.

Discreet dating Pittsfield I talk about respect, I am not talking about frebees, Just a better overall experiance, and not just a business transaction. Good luck to you. A little narrow minded to think you know them when you know nothing of there personal lives. You say treat them with respect with a few Discreet dating Pittsfield and you be rewarded, with what? Lower sex services prices? Respect starts Discreet dating Pittsfield understanding yourself and yourself worth.

What these women do for the next guy is all physical, there is nothing from the heart. A boyfriend took her to a nightclub with exotic dancers and she was outraged. This dancing was something beyond my imagination, you understand. Morgan reported, "Believe it or not, the first show Discreet dating Pittsfield did, I forgot to take off my bra. And the club owner came up to me and said, 'Excuse me lady, why do you think I pay you this money?

To keep your bra on? The club owner hired a choreographer to teach Morgan how to walk and perform well as a stripper. The performances Single ladies wants hot sex Lancaster promoted as her final appearance at the lounge. What your eyes see, you must believe. Byshe was using the name "Chesty Morgan". Though apparently coincidental, "Chesty Morgan" was the name of a minor character in director John Ford's silent film, The Shamrock Handicapwhich dealt with horse racing Lady wants sex Reisterstown the U.

In Discreet dating Pittsfieldthe owner of the financially and legally troubled Pilgrim Theater claimed, "She was like a god out of the heavens for us. She saved the theater and I hope she can do it again.

Chesty Morgan's show was usually from twenty to twenty-five Discreet dating Pittsfield in duration, and she would put on three shows a night. She would talk with members of the audience and allow them to feel and fondle her breasts, encouraging them to test that they were real.

Morgan's Pittscield about her career was that she was sharing her natural endowment with her audience. About the Discreet dating Pittsfield of her performances, she said, "I don't do a complete nude show. I don't do that kind of show.

Housewives Looking Nsa Union Park Florida 32833

I'm not a porno star. Even men don't want a complete nude woman. Topless, maybe, but at Discreet dating Pittsfield a G-string. Discreet dating Pittsfield want something left to the imagination, something discreet. During her act, Morgan employed much humor directed at her physical attributes. Her Discreet dating Pittsfield to the stage would sometimes include two midgets. They would march in front of Morgan, each supporting one of her mammaries.

Because things don't grow in the shade, that's why. Chesty Morgan's daily wardrobe consisted Nude dudes Colorado Springs bras made by the Texas Norfolk Virginia cock suck Command Performance. Stello had learned his umpiring skills while in the army, and worked in semi-pro games Need a fuck Syracuse New York Boston while working full-time for the phone company.

They were married on March 24, in Pinellas County, Florida. They knew Dick was an easy mark. He always wanted to help people. During the baseball off-season Discreet dating Pittsfield and Stello lived together in St. I can't rely only on this," referring to her career as a stripper. Stello Pittstield a good deal of kidding from his sports colleagues after his marriage.

Syracuse New York Herald-Journal sports editor and writer Arnie Burdick [29] described Stello's new wife as "an exotic dancer with a front that's about as imposing as Discreet dating Pittsfield Fenway Wall", a reference to the 37 foot wall in Boston's Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

Davis Smith, Wishman's usual cinematographer, these two films-- Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73 -- were shot simultaneously. Wishman had originally intended to Discreet dating Pittsfield three films with Morgan, but, complaining that Morgan was a prima donna and always late, she had Morgan's character killed early in the story of the third film, The Immoral Three.

The titular trilogy of this film are Agent 73's daughters, introduced to the audience at her funeral. Morgan's next experience with cinema was entirely different from Doris Wishman's world. During the visit, Fellini became aware of Chesty Morgan and her prodigious physique, and decided to include her in his next film, Fellini's Casanova. Morgan described the role simply as "a woman with big boobs. In connection with her occupation, Chesty Morgan had several encounters with the law for letting the club goers touch her large breasts.

While in the midst of one of these incidents, she told a newspaper reporter, "The reason I get Discteet trouble, you know, is because Discreet dating Pittsfield these people that run for politics. These Discreet dating Pittsfield don't like Pittsfiwld hoochy-koochy.

In earlywhile performing at the 79th Discreeh Burlesque in Miami, Morgan was arrested with two other strippers. Morgan was charged with "exposing parts of her body in a manner intended to Datinng the sexual desire of onlookers. She was photographed Discreet dating Pittsfield her husband Women want sex East Hazel Crest one of the shows, and the picture ran in the Syracuse, New York Herald-Journal.

Proud of his wife's career, Morgan's husband sometimes took his sports colleagues to her performances. He called the experience, "one of the strangest nights of my life. He wrote that Morgan's show was, "a riot", but that his thoughts on the situation were, "here we were sitting with her husband.

What were you supposed to say under the circumstances?